A Grand Unification of the Sciences, Arts & Consciousness:
Rediscovering the Pythagorean Plato’s Golden Mean Number System

Sunday 3rd April – 6pm

A zoom talk by Professor Scott Olsen

A profound golden mean number system emerges underlying the cosmos, nature and consciousness by combining the insights from #-Infinity theory, Plato’s initiatory insights into the golden mean, and David Bohm’s implicate and explicate orders.

Recognizing the pervasive presence of the golden mean throughout physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology, architecture, music and the arts leads one to a radical paradigm shift.

This Copernican revolution reveals a grand unification of the sciences, arts and consciousness in which the universe is seen to function as nothing less than a golden mean supercomputer.


Professor of Philosophy & Comparative Religion at the College of Central Florida, Scott first received international acclaim by successfully decoding the geometric mysteries of Plato.

His recent book, The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret has received rave reviews, and in 2007 was awarded a 1st place for design by the Bookbinders’ Guild of New York.



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April 3 @ 18:00
18:00 — 19:30 (1h 30′)


Scott Olsen