Charles Williams: 4 Metaphysical Novels

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Williams was one of the ‘Inklings’ (the best known being J R R Tolkien & C S Lewis). An academic as well, his main work focussed on the Theology of Romantic Love and the Doctrine of co-inherence. An Initiate of Waite’s ‘Fellowship of the Rosy Cross’. His ‘metaphysical novels’ combine a clear prose style with deep mystical themes. The Greater Trumps (1954) revolves around the power of the traditional symbolism of the Tarot to unlock power, Shadows of Ecstasy (1948) has a Dark Adept attempting to foment revolution in Africa as part of his plan for personal immortality, The Place of The Lion (1952) toys with the idea of what would happen if the Platonic archetypes descend into the world whilst Many Dimensions (1947) centres on the magical powers of the stone of ‘Suleiman’ (Solomon).

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