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Esoteric Astrology

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A Study in Human Nature

Leo’s system of Esoteric Astrology. Astrological Symbology/ Occult Astronomy/ Spheres of Influence/ Significance of Caste & Social Distinctions/ Houses & Their Importance/ Zodiac Esoterically Considered/ Meaning of the Aspects/ Fire/ Human Aura & Its Significance/ Planets in Relation to Consciousness/ Planetary Influence & Gestation/ Strong & Weak Characters/ The Angelic Host/ Esoteric Value of the Polarities/ Star of the Personality/ Star of the Individuality/ Examples/ Esoteric Interpretation of the Nativity/ 3-Fold & 4-Fold Divisions/ Further Divisions of the Zodiac/ 4-Fold Division of Signs/ Esoteric Meanings of Astrological Terms in Ordinary Use/ Growth of the Ego/ Curse & Blessing of Astrology.

293 pp hardback ‘Modern Astrology’/ Fowler 1913



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