Esoteric Budhism

A. P. Sinnett

Based upon teachings received from the Adepts behind the foundation of the modern theosophical movement, this is a useful introductory text for those unacquainted with its philosophy. Gautama Buddha resuscitated the study of Budha (Wisdom) in India, Shankaracharya continued the work, as did Tsong-Kha-pa in Tibet. This theosophia is the same one taught in since antiquity in the Mystery Schools of every nation.

Esoteric Teachers/Constitution of Man/The Planetary Chain/World Periods/Devachan/Kama Loca/ The Human Tide-Wave/ The Progress of Humanity/ Buddha/ Nirvana/ The Universe/ The Doctrine Reviewed

Author: A. P. Sinnett
Publisher: Wizards Bookshelf/Secret Doctrine Reference Series
Edition:  Reprint of 5th annotated edition with corrections, & appendix, “Esoteric Buddhism” and “The Secret Doctrine.” Reprint of 5th (annotated) edition with additional material.
Book:  254 pp  paperback NB Originally titled ‘Esoteric Buddhism’, this volume has been renamed to more accurately convey the intentions of the Adept Teachers behind the work.
ISBN: 0 913510459


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