In Search of the Masters: Behind the Occult Myth

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1st printing, later published as ‘The Masters Revealed’. As the author states: ‘The modern Theosophical movement is based on teachings which [HPB] claimed to have derived from living men she called adepts, Masters or Mahatmas…. The research on which this book is based was the result of a growing dissatisfaction with the available literature on the subject of HPB and her Masters. After eight years of study … I was convinced that HPB had neither invented the Mahatmas nor told much of the truth about them.’

Adept Acquaintances: HPB’s Occult Guest/ Rawson, Eyewitness to the Veiled Years/ Disciples of Mazzini/ Masters of Oriental Masonry

The Egyptian Lodge: Sufism & The Gurdjieff Connection/ Chaldean Secrets Unveiled/ The Great White Sisterhood/ Discoveries in France

Theosophical Mahatmas: Master of Kashmir/ Swami Dayanand & The Singhs/ Jamal Ad-Din, The Mahachohan

The Masters Revealed: The Karma of Koot Hoomi/ Dalip Singh’s Last Hope/ Masks of the Masters/ In Search of Truth

privately published, 1990, 305 pp paperback fep clipped


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