Isis Unveiled, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ,


Collected Writings edition, edited by Boris de Zirkoff
Whether arrived at by the method of Aristotle, or that of Plato, we need not stop to inquire; but it is a fact that both the inner & outer natures of man are claimed to have been thoroughly understood by the ancient andrologists. They divided the interminable periods of human existence on this planet into cycles, during each of which mankind gradually reached the culminating point of highest civilization and gradually relapsed into barbarism. To what eminence the race in its progress had several times arrived may be feebly surmised by the wonderful monuments of old, still visible, and the descriptions given by Herodotus of other marvels of which now no traces now remain.
Partial List of Contents: Phenomena & Forces/ Theories Respecting Psychic Phenomena/ The Aether or ‘Astral Light’/ The Inner & Outer Man/ Egyptian Wisdom/ India, the Cradle of the Race/ Oriental Cosmogonies & Bible Records/ Mysteries of the Kabala/ Esoteric Doctrines of Buddhism Parodied in Christianity.

Volume 1 Science 62pp/xlvpp/657pp
Volume 2 Theology 848pp

Author: H.P.Blavatsky
Publisher: Quest Books/Theosophical Publishing House USA
Edition: 1972 ed., 2013 reprint
Book:  Paperbacks in slipcase
ISBN: 9 780135602471


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