Isis Unveiled (Point Loma edition)

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Volume 1 (science) ONLY

Blavatsky’s first masterpiece, this volume casts an eye on contemporary scientific and spiritualistic phenomena (the latter falsely proclaimed by the spiritualist movement as a ‘new dispensation’), and traces their predecessors in Antiquity. Covers Phenomena & Forces, Theories of Psychic Phenomena, Ether/Astral Light, Elements – Elementals – Elementaries, Cyclic Phenomena, Inner & Outer Man, Realities & Illusion, Egyptian Wisdom, India – the Cradle of the Race.

The ‘Point Loma Preface’ contains a highly partisan account of post-Blavatsky developments, and Madame Blavatsky’s ‘Theories about Reincarnation & Spirits’ is also reproduced.

c650pp hardback TPC Point Loma 1906, dark blue boards, gilt lettering to spine



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