Natural Philosophy

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Being an Introduction to Astrology and Occultism in general along the lines of Modern Scientific Thought

The Electron–Theory (‘Matter is explained away’), The Sphere (the radiating point), Spirit & Matter (Emanation/Spirit, Attraction/Matter, the Zodiac), Life & substance (Subject & Object), Existence (Mundane Cross, 12 Nidanas), Motion (Plato & his theoi), Mutation (Primordial atoms), The Primordial Atom, Planes of Existence, Concrete & The Abstract, Cosmic Life, The Matrix, Construction of the Universe, 3 Modes of Motion, Elements, Time, Periodicity, Organ & Vehicle, Evolution, Man, Universal Science.

158 pp hardback 1929 occasional ink underlining (in red, of all colours), dent to spine, good overall


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