Paramitas of Perfection – Muriel Daw

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Muriel Daw

HPB’s ‘Voice of the Silence’ refers to 6 & 10 Transcendental Virtues to be explored by the aspirant. HPB tells us that these ideals ‘are not for full-grown yogis … alone, but for all those who would enter the Path.’ Each Virtue has an associated Bhumi or Plane of Consciousness, as well as a symbol. This booklet links the mysticism of theosophy with the Great Path of the Mahayana, and is a useful supplementary study to HPB’s ‘Voice of the Silence’.

Author: Muriel Daw
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House London
Edition: 2001, 2nd revised edition
Book:  37pp paperback Blavatsky Lecture 1987


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