Studies in Occultism no. 1

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Practical Occultism, Occultism versus the Occult Arts & The Blessings of Publicity

3 articles reprinted from ‘Lucifer’, first in a series of small books (more commonly available as a single volume). ‘Practical Occultism’ gives examples of the ‘private rules’ Eastern Teachers provide their students, ‘Occultism v the Occult Arts’ is a sequel which answers some objections and emphasises the priority of ‘Atma-Vidya’, while ‘The Blessings of Publicity challenges the idea that all knowledge should be distributed publicly. Blavatsky’s claim here is that  the ethics of Divine Wisdom should be given the widest publicity. After referring to more profane examples, however, her suggestion is that those who are following the path of ‘black magic’ cannot be entrusted with the potentially powerful secrets Occultism holds.

59 pp hardback ex libris, New England Theosophical Corporation, 1895



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