The Divine Plan

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written in the form of a commentary of H P Blavatsky’s ‘Secret Doctrine’

Barborka’s study guide has long been the most popular and enduring companion to Blavatsky’s major work. Mr Barborka bases his commentary around 12 key ideas, with copious quotations from the SD, occasionally drawing inspiration from the teaching of G de Purucker. Contents: The Significance of Sanskrit Terms/ Doctrine of Constant Renewal (2nd Fundamental Proposition – cycles, Sutratman, Reincarnation)/ Doctrine of Balance (Adjustment, Karma)/ Doctrine of Hierarchies (Sephiroth, Dhyani-Chohans, Hierarchy of Compassion)/ Doctrine of Essential Identity (Self-Unfoldment, Jiva, Life-Atoms)/ Doctrine of Continuous Change (Motion, Evolution, 3rd Fundamental Proposition)/ Septenary Law (Planes, Loka-Talas, Elements, Principles)/ Doctrine of the Spheres (Globes, Sacred Planets)/ Doctrine of the Races (Man’s 1st appearance, 7 Root-Races)/ Doctrine of the Rounds (Inner Rounds, Watchers, Outer Rounds)/ After-Death States (Kama-Loka, Devachan)/ Doctrine of the 2 Paths (Law of Compassion, 4 grades of Initiation, 3 Glorified Vestures, Jesus the Christ – an Avatara)/ Doctrine of Universal Knowledge (1st fundamental proposition, pre-maifestation & Logoi, Primordial 7).

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