The Judge Case: A Conspiracy Which Ruined the Theosophical Cause


Ernest Pelletier

Colonel Olcott was the first to use the term ‘Judge Case’ when describing the dispute that had broken out within the Theosophical Society over occult claims made by the International Vice President W Q Judge. The affair was a defining moment in the Adyar Society’s history. Although the compiler suggests that ‘while the charges [against Judge] could not be proved or disproved’, he also believes that there was a conspiracy against him, and offers a 2 – part work consisting of a chronology of events & an extensive selection of original documents including material from Annie Besant & others to present his thesis. It is an opportunity to view a wide selection of material conveniently in one collection, some previously circulated privately in esoteric circles, as esotericists debate the ideals & practice of an esoteric movement.

Author: Ernest Pelletier
Publisher: Edmonton Theosophical Society
Edition: 1st
Book:  999pp Hardback
ISBN: 0-9861602-3-9


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