The Secret Doctrine Dialogues

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H P Blavatsky Talks With Students

A transcript of all the surviving meetings of Blavatsky Lodge where HPB discusses her main work with Lodge members (a partial & much edited version was previous published as ‘Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge’). This original material – only made publicly available a few years ago, and therefore missing from the Collected Writings series – consists of 21  folios, a verbatim report of Theosophical instruction from HPB herself. The record of these total of 22 meetings covers discussion of the Cosmogenesis Stanzas of The Secret Doctrine. Other topics covered are The Key to Theosophy, Karma, Theosophy & fanaticism. Participants included Annie Besant and many other key workers from the period. Appendices include a paper on The Secret Doctrine by William Kingsland.

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