The Theosophist vol LVIII no. 10

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July 1937 G Arundale (ed)

Contents: And the Truth Shall Make You Free (Arundale)/ The Truth Through… Buddha/ Vyasa/ Tehuti/ Zarathustra/ Christ/ Muhammad/ Theosophy (various)/ The Blessing of a Coronation (Arundale)/ H P Blavatsky’s ‘Orders’ (Ransom)/ By the Hands of the Elder Brethren (Arundale)/ The Lady of Life (Billinghurst)/ The Kingdom of God (concluded – Woods)/ The Occultism of the Atom II (Goudey)/ HPB in London II (Beechey)/ Symphonies in Perfume (Ingamells)/ The Will of the Gods (Arundale)/ The Chemical Elements – recent corroborations of theosophy (Horne)/ Basic Truths of Theosophy – immanence & reincarnation (Rogers)/ ‘Spiritism’ & Rebirth (book rebirth of R Shirley, ‘problem of rebirth’)/ Understanding Godlike (reviews)/ Theosophical Forum – ourselves & the universe (Jinarajadasa).

c. 90 pp paperback, some damnage to lower spine




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