The Theosophist vol LVIII no. 8

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May 1937 George Arundale (ed.)

Contents: The Coronation (Arundale)/ Did HPB Invent the Mahatmas? (Jinarajadasa)/ White Lotus Day (Besant)/ Synthesis of Theosophical Laws (Polak)/ H P Blavatsky Said (Spink)/ The World Foundation (Polak)/ Our Great Task in Art (Perkins)/ New Evidence for Atlantis (Slater)/ Significance of Logic in Buddhism (MacGregor)/ H P Blavatsky In London (Beechey)/ Education for Kingship (Arundale)/ Masons of Modern India – Besant (Cousins)/ Bridging the Gulf (anon)/ A PArliament of Religions (anon)/ Basic Truths of Theosophy (Blavatsky – Arundale)/ A Theosophical Forum – Karma of Suicide (Jinarajadasa).

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