Theosophy, A Perennial Wisdom for a New Age

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Yves Marcel

If the Absolute is one, how is it that it expresses itself in the lower world through so many different masks? Everything happens as if there were an infinite number of degrees of awareness in the Absolute. If we adopt metaphysical language – the sole language fit for expressing the notion of this indivisible unity – we shall say that the part equals the whole, as in the Absolute all values are equal. But, paradoxically, while in evolutionary terms any part of Mahat is totally Mahat, it is not the whole of Mahat. There is a difference in the degree of awareness between the noetic consciousness of our Galactic Logos & human noetic consciousness.

Author: Yves Marcel
Publisher: TPH London
Edition: Blavatsky Lecture 1989, 1st edition
Book:  18pp Paperback



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