Theosophy versus Neo-Theosophy

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Originally published in the 1920’s, the original core of this work consists of a comparison of contrasting perspectives on central Theosophical topics. This is done by presenting a quotation/set of quotations on one side of the book, with alternative views on the facing page: ‘compare & contrast’.

Subjects include Teaching on the Logos, ‘Founders’ of Religions, Jesus & The Christ Principle, Vicarious Atonement, Maitreya, Cosmogony, Mars- Mercury, Monad, After Death, Skandhas or Permanent Atoms, Occultists & Facts, Memory, The Secret Doctrine…

The editor of this edition has added articles on C W Leadbeater’s work on the Chakras [Jacqua], ‘Rev. Leadbeater Off the Trail’ [Chakras/Kundalini again, Gherwal], Boris de Zirkoff’s ‘Two Schools of Thought’, ‘Flowers from a Neo-Theosophical Garden’ [Stokes], ‘The Hidden Voice [Small], ‘The Psychic World – Beware! [Purucker] & ‘Smogged With Astral Intoxication’ – [Urban, which deals with events in the 80’s outside of the TS].

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