‘Yogi Ramacharaka’ Bundle

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William Walker Atkinson wrote a number of titles under many different names. His ‘Yogi Ramacharaka’ books combined New Thought and Theosophical themes in an Eastern idiom. There are 7 titles in this bundle: 14 lessons in Yogi Philosophy (Fowler, nd, good), Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy (Fowler, c 1970’s/80’s, good), Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga (Fowler, 1975, fair), Gnani Yoga (Yogi Pubn Society, dated 1907, poss. later, good), Hatha Yoga (Fowler, 1970’s, good), Science of Psychic Healing (Fowler, 1917, rebound, acceptable), Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath (Fowler, 1960, good). All books are ex library, and all hardback except for ‘Raja Yoga


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