The Field of Occult Chemistry

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E Lester Smith & V Wallace Slater

The highly trained occultist has at his disposal a power enabling him to magnify atoms and molecules so that their structures can be observed. Besant & Leadbeater made use of this power in their work Occult Chemistry (1908), and this booklet is an introduction to their work. The nature of Occult Chemistry/ Etheric & Dense Physical Aspects of the Atom/ Wall of the Atom/ Atomic Structures – orthodox & occult theories compared/ Occult Chemistry & The Periodic Law/ Valency & the Life behind the Atom/ Combination of Atoms/ Carbon Compounds/ Future of Occult Chemistry.

Transaction of the Science Group of the Theosophical Research Centre, 2nd edition 1954, 63 pp paperback,rusted staples otw fine


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