The Path of Knowledge

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“According to occult tradition this physical world is the crystallisation of three worlds which surround and penetrate it. The physical universe represents the result of immense periods of planetary activity … of the involution of older worlds of attenuated ethereal matter… The elements and forces which now operate through this physical earth are the representatives of those early worlds. The three inner worlds were known to the ancients under the symbols of fire, air, water…”

“There is much ignorance among men as to the purpose of life … All the talk of social reconstruction is of little avail unless the true principles of human life are recognised …”

An examination of Spirituality and the Path of Attainment in the light of Theosophical Principles. Contents: Awakening Mind/ The 4 Worlds/ The Cycle of Evolution/ Incarnate Mind/ Via Lucis/ Spiritual Alchemy/ The World of Knowledge/ Fiat Lux.

68 pp hardback privately published nd [1920], ex libriary


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